Selling the ICE

I was able to sell the engine removed from the 320i on EBay.  I made more than $100 on the sale over the cost to have the internal combustion engine (ICE) and components that were removed by Henry's Automotive.  I found by searching on the internet there are many trucking companies that will transport items like engines and transmission for fairly low cost. The engine is being shipped nearly halfway across the country for very little money.  Hopefully the shipper will do a good job and deliver the motor intact.  The downside of selling items on EBay is the 14-day money back return policy.  PayPal releases the funds to the seller only after that time has elapsed, if the buyer makes no claims.  For other EBay sales there has never been an issue because UPS always delivers without issue. But in this case a trucking company is making the delivery that I have never used before.  They are accredited and seem to have everything calculated and documented well.  The ICE will be picked up by the shipper today.

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