Rotated Motor

Once I got the motor assembly out of the car I disconnected the transmission and the adapter. I rolled the motor over on its side so now the electrical connections are on top, which will make connecting to the DMOC much easier and make it possible to have the DMOC parallel to the firewall of the engine compartment.  I started to align the adapter to motor in this orientation and discovered that the adapter was not made to permit this.  The Siemens motor is not 90 degree symmetric so now the bolts holes for the motor do not line up with the holes in the adapter (pictures).  With other motors like those from HPEVS the end plates of the motors are easily removed and rotated. But those motors are not IP67 sealed liket the Siemens (that means totally waterproof).  It does not look like the Siemens is meant to be removed.  So now I have a request into RebirthAuto to make a new adapter that will attach to the Siemens in this orientation.  Will see what their response will be.  If they are unwilling to make a new adapter I may look at making my own and use the spline adapter that is adapter plate. Unfortunately without having the CAD drawing for the adapter plate I fear making one from scratch will cost as much as the original one from RebirthAuto.


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