DMOC Cable Swap

I had to modify the cabling output from the DMOC 645 inverter because of the way it will now sit on top of the Siemens motor.  Because the motor is rotated 180 degrees from where it was originally designed by Azure Dynamics, two of the output cables that came on the DMOC are the wrong length. (See the Adapter Revelation below).  They need to be swapped. I thought it would be easier to swap them than to make new cables.  I took the cover off the DMOC and found the connections to the cables were covered in a thick heatshrink.  It took me more than 10 min to cut though one connector's heatshrink. I could not tell how far the heatshrink went so I was trying to minimize how much I cut.  Once I removed most of the heatshrink I found the bolt holding the wire connector was through the side of the capacitor mount.  That meant it could not be removed without loosening the capacitor mount first.  I finally got the bolt out. The rest of the heatshrink came off too - it was just a piece long enough to cover the cable connetion. Once I loosened the gland-nut on the cable feed through the cable came out very easily.  I repeated the cable removal procedure for the other cable and then swapped the cable positions. I put the bolts in from the opposite side to make it easier to position the bolts and then tightened the gland nuts on the cables.  Unfortunately I did not have any heatshrink big enough to cover the cable connections so I had to order some. Hopefully I will get that in a day or two so I can finish the job.  Photos of the process are here.

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