DriveTrain Assembly

Now that I have resolved (or compromised) the issue with the RebirthAuto adapter I worked on assembling the whole drivetrain.  When I put the drivetrain together before (see Motor placement for measurement below) I did not torque any of the bolts and the flywheel and clutch were not installed.  The drivetrain was put together before to get a measure of where the motor mounts had to be for the Siemens motor, when it was placed in the car.  For this assembly the first thing I did was put some anti-seize compound on the spline output of the Siemens.  The spline on the Siemens looks like it has been heat treated so I have a concern about the spline adapter in the RebirthAuto adapter.  That spline adapter is made of tool steel which is probably much softer the heat treated spline of the Siemens.  Next I bolted the RebirthAuto adapter to the Siemens using some grade 8 bolts, blue thread-lock and some nord lock washers.  The flywheel was next to be assembled.  Using new flywheel bolts and some red thread-lock I bolted the flywheel to the adapter and torqued the bolts to 80 ft/lbs.  The pilot bearing was tapped into place and then the clutch and pressure plate were assembled.  These were previously spun balanced with the flywheel and were attached to the flywheel were the alignment mark was.  The transmission had a new pivot pin and throwout bearing installed.  The transmission and Siemens/adapter/flywheel/clutch assembly were aligned and bolted together.  New grade 8 bolts and blue thread-lock was used to attach the transmission to the adapter.  A new video that reviews the conversion process and this assembly can be seen here.

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