Adapter Revelation

Part of the design for the engine compartment is fitting up the DMOC with the Siemens motor.  I did not have a chance to place the DMOC in the engine bay when the motor and transmission where installed for the alignment and motor mount measurement.  So while the engine and assembly is out waiting for an adapter solution I decided to see how the DMOC was going to sit on the Siemens in the way I had designed it i.e. with the DMOC parallel to the firewall.  The DMOC will only fit in this orientation, because it is so wide. With the original placement of the motor and assembly the electrical connections for the motor would be on the side and there would be possible clearance issues with the hardware that is needed for the power brakes. Having the Siemens motor rotated 90 degrees puts the electrical connections on top where they would make the connections to the DMOC relatively easy.  But as I have detailed below, the RebirthAuto adapter plate is not designed for that orientation.   Just to see how the DMOC would fit with the motor I set the DMOC up on the motor with some wooden blocks (pictures).  The motor in this orientation is actually rotated 180 degrees from the previous position.  I realized in this orientation there would be plenty of room for the DMOC connection to the motor on the right side of the engine compartment.  My revelation was when I placed the adapter plate up to the motor face and found it would work in this orientation.  The Siemens motor has a alignment pin on the front face (photo).  It turns out the RebirthAuto adapter is actually drilled for alignment in any of the 4 quadrants (photo).  Someone had considered alignment in any of the 4 orientations, they just did not carry the idea far enough to provide connection to the Siemens bolt pattern in any of the 4 orientations. This means the adapter will work without any modifications.  The Siemens motor in this 180 degree rotation only slightly impacts the design of the motor mounts.

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