I attended the fourth annual Electric Vehicle Conversion Conference that was held in Cape Girardeau MO.  Earlier this year I had planned on taking my BMW 320i to the 2014 EVCCON. Unfortunately it just took too much time and it could not be completed in time.  The conference was last week, from August 11 - 17th. This was the third year for me. It was great to see all my EV enthusiast friends that I have met in previous years.  Part of the conference is a car show and many of the cars from last year were there along with a few new notable ones.  I really look forward to getting my car there next year.  Another part of the conference is that there are presentations by people on various subjects about EVs.  I  presented a talk on the Battery Monitoring System or BMS that I have developed with the Sendyne module.  I have shown this design in earlier videos, but his is the first public presentation I have made on the subject. 

A video of the presentation is here.

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